Standard of Quality

In order to continue offering quality used merchandise Just Like New will accept the following items if they meet the Standard of Quality outlined below.

We screen all items closely to meet the high expectations of our shoppers.Any items that do not follow these guidelines and are unsellable will be donated to charity. 

Children's Clothing/Shoes: including infant, toddler and children's clothing and shoes from preemie to children's size 14. 
  • All clothing must have all snaps, zippers and buttons, snapped, zipped and buttoned and be folded neatly in a box or tote with a top that will close. I do not accept clothing in trash bags or in boxes that do not have a cover or will not close. 
  • All clothing must be free of pet hair or excessive lint or human hair. 
  • All items must be clean, stain and odor free. Clothing should not have any damage such as stains, holes, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers or excessive pilling, fading or wear. 
  • Shoes must be clean and in excellent condition without significant discoloration. I look at the tops, soles and toe area for signs of wear and cleanliness. You will be charged a cleaning fee for dirty or muddy shoes.
  • Sets of clothing that have 2 or more items in the set should be placed together in a grocery bag before putting them in the boxes so they may be sold as a set. Several sets may be placed in one bag.
  • Clothing that is not in season will be priced and placed in the backroom until the appropriate season.
  • Clothing or Shoes that do not meet the above guidelines will be DONATED and will NOT be returned to you. Please check your items carefully.

Pregnancy/Maternity/Breast Pumps: including maternity clothing that is no more than 5 years old, nursing clothes and bras, Boppy pillows, nursing covers, pregnancy tummy support bands, DVD's relating to pregnancy and parenting.
  • Maternity wear that is stained, missing buttons, or that has excessive fading or pilling will be DONATED and will NOT be returned to you.

Accessories: including hair bows, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, belts, ties, bibs, receiving and swaddling blankets, shopping cart covers, car seat covers, dress up items and costumes.

Bath Items: including bathtubs, bath towel and wash cloths, tub toys and coordinating bath sets geared to children.

Children's Room Decor: including crib bedding sets, blankets, bumpers, crib/bassinet sheets, changing pads and covers, children's twin bedding sets, artwork, mobiles, rugs, lamps, small chairs, rocking chairs, toddler beds, bunk beds, crib mattresses, storage bins.

Baby Gear: including cribs, bassinets, high chairs, booster seats, Bumbo seats, bottle and wipe warmers, child monitors, diaper genies, pack and plays, strollers, swings, play mats, bouncers, walkers, jumperoos, exersaucers, infant/baby front carriers, slings, baby backpacks, baby gates, bottles, sippy cups, plates and silverware.
  • All baby gear must be clean and in excellent working order. All seat covers must be freshly laundered
  • High chairs should not have excessive cut marks and must be free of food particles.
  • Gear that requires batteries must have working batteries or you will be charged a battery fee.
  • We cannot accept cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011 (this includes all drop side cribs).

Car Seats: All car seats must be less than 5 years old or have at least one year remaining before expiring. 
  • A car seat waiver must be filled out for each car seat and can be downloaded here.
  • To check recall information check on line at

Toys/Games/Books: including toy boxes, wagons, board games, electronic video game consoles and games, puzzles with all the pieces, ride-on-toys, CD/DVD's in original cases, clean outdoor toys such as slides, sandboxes, play structures and playhouses.
  • All toys must be clean and have working batteries or you will be charged a cleaning and/or battery fee.
  • Toys that have missing pieces will be DONATED and NOT returned to you
  • Toys with separate parts and pieces must have the loose pieces placed in a bag and the bag should be attached to the main part of the toy.

Please call ahead for space availability for large items.

  • All items must follow these guidelines. If we spend time cleaning your items you will be charged a cleaning fee.
  • If we replace batteries in your items you will be charged a battery fee. 
  • If you bring in items that do not follow these guidelines and are unsellable they will be donated.