Raising children is expensive! In the first year alone, it seems like your baby outgrows their clothes daily. As their bodies grow so do their minds, which means parents constantly have to buy new toys. At Just Like New, we believe every kid deserves to have stylish outfits and the latest and greatest toys and gear. Because of this we are committed to selling high-quality, gently used: clothing, gear, furniture, toys and maternity apparel.

Five Reasons to Shop at Just Like New

  1. Before any item is place on the floor it is inspected for cleanliness, functionality and safety. We only stock the best products for your family.
  2. Our store is clean, organized and easy to shop making a once dreaded task enjoyable.
  3. What about when your kid outgrows those jeans they have only worn once? Just Like New offers a generous consignment program giving you a way to earn back your hard earned cash.
  4. Buying used not only saves you money but is also helping to save the environment. American's dispose over 4 billion tons of textiles annually. Buying used helps keep these clothes out of our landfills.
  5. You Save Money!